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Tanzhalle Wiesenburg Berlin


Tanzhalle Wiesenburg is a place for artistic research, creation and interdisciplinary collaboration with a focus on stage productions. Alternative to institutional structures, this special cultural place is based on a diversity of competences, common sense and self-organization within the team, working closely with the hosted artists. We aim for enabling continuous and fluid work-processes, and supporting practical and theoretical exchange. The artistic and social aspects of these exchanges expand into interactions with the public. Tanzhalle Wiesenburg (opened 2012) is an important actor within Die Wiesenburg, a historically significant former homeless shelter now dedicated to culture and craft.

Main focuses

  • Research and working processes in the field of performing arts supporting the local art scene, as well as international artists
  • Artistic residencies
  • Co-operations, workshops, open educational, mediation and training formats
  • Special formats developed for and within Tanzhalle Wiesenburg: Gangplank (Bruno Pocheron) and Open Practice Sessions [1] (Isabelle Schad)
  • Presentation formats and showings

Location and purpose

For the development of an empty ruin into an art space on the site of Die Wiesenburg [2] in Berlin-Wedding, Wiesen55 e.V. succeeded in acquiring funding from the program Soziale Stadt Berlin in 2010. That allowed us to create a working space dedicated to dance, visual arts, lighting design, architecture, cultural management and dance pedagogy, securing a continuity in the diversity of our practices, and facilitating creation and production processes. From its opening in 2012 Tanzhalle Wiesenburg empowers artists, designers, musicians, technicians and many others to carry on working despite the changing production circumstances. It promotes continuity versus project-oriented work – the idea of continuous work processes and of work as a pathway. The site of Tanzhalle Wiesenburg provides a peaceful work environment in the middle of Berlin, allowing for immersion into training, practice and research, enabling to concentrate on the creative process.

  • Since 2012/13, Tanzhalle Wiesenburg is offering a rehearsal “refuge” for artistic projects.
  • Since 2015, we grant mini residencies of one week, for the development of art works, including the possibility of showing works in progress.
  • Tanzhalle Wiesenburg cooperates with other networks and institutions such as ausland-berlin [3], Theater o.N. / FRATZ International [4], Performing Arts Festival[5] and the Wiesenburg-Festival.
  • Tanzhalle Wiesenburg / Wiesen55 e.V. aim for the synthesis of artistic productions, public presentations and community work.

Wiesen55 e.V.

Florian Bach (visual artist, lighting designer, co-founder Tanzhalle Wiesenburg), Susanne Beyer (producer, co-founder Tanzhalle Wiesenburg), Emese Csornai (lighting designer, visual artist), Bettina Darmawan (architect), Volker Hüdepohl (IT technician, gardener, goldsmith), Emma Juliard (lighting designer), Sybille Müller (choreographer, dancer, co-founder Tanzhalle Wiesenburg), Bruno Pocheron (lighting and sound designer, visual artist, co-founder Tanzhalle Wiesenburg), Isabelle Schad (choreographer, co-founder Tanzhalle Wiesenburg, Open Practice Sessions, Shiatsu practitioner), Heiko Schramm (producer, co-founder Tanzhalle Wiesenburg), Mehdi Toutain Lopez (video artist, lighting designer, co-founder Tanzhalle Wiesenburg)