Papier.Falten. by Christina Ertl-Shirley and Ruth Waldeyer

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2019 we built a deambulatory shell consisting of 150 m2 paper, 16 pillow speakers, 1 bass speaker, 15,6 m Alu-H-Profile, 13,6 m LED-Strip, 1000 magnets, 300 foldback paper clips, 3 ultrasonic sensors, fishing line

Around 105 million years ago the female paper boats* begin to make a fine shell that they hold on to with their arms. They leave caves and crevices behind them and head towards the water surface. To avoid attracting attention as flotsam, they have acquired camouflage: The thin membrane skin they stretch over their shells can change color. At times, the Argonauta females form chains and drift together through the sea. 180 years ago, seamstress and amateur naturalist Jeanne Villepreux-Power proves that the paper boats produce, hold and repair their own shell.

concept and realisation: Christina Ertl-Shirley und Ruth Waldeyer with Kim Scheunemann @ the exhibition Power Cage – Experimentalraum Aquarium im State Studio Berlin

Light Idea

A deambulatory structure of paper which is lit from the inside, getting darker the closer you get to it

Physical Set Up

A metal structure made of aluminium H profiles hanging from the ceiling, used as a skeleton for the paper folds and as a cooling body for the LED strips

Here you find The Plan and Drafts Of The Final Shape



ultrasonic sensors, Arduinos, a Raspberry Pi + BitWizard DMX Interface for light controlling, Raspberry Pi as Gateway. Once it´s up and running, it´s a stand alone system, in order to restart a laptop and router are needed


This Part is still under construction

QLC+, pythonOSC, MySensors