Journal of the meeting December 2022

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Dramaturgical map

December 19 2022

Dramaturgical map -

Score writing or Dramaturgical map

Which non-conversational strategies can we imagine in thinking about lighting and light dramaturgy


December 20 2022

Dramaturgical map in practice

December 21 2022

reflection on teaching and how to proceed


December 22 2022

Exchange of light plotting praxis with/through the Lanbox: Jan presenting his way around with MaxMSP in combination with the Lanbox (direct commands & streaming dynamic data)

Exchanging thoughts on:

  • lighting scenography and light scenography
  • (in)efficient lighting
  • commodification of the lighting design(er)

Concluding thoughts on:

  • Reflecting Light & Gangplank as similar/different platforms
  • Discursive praxis in its essence.... both when working in/on lighting language
  • Alexa taking over the dynamic agenda and the archiving tasks of meetings in order to more freely meander in thoughts