Henri Emmanuel Doublier

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Henri is a light designer, the lack of scenographies on stage has caused him to make them himself with his lighting designs. Usually, the people that he works with don't have a scenographer and often consider this unimportant. He says; "If I could define my work, it would be by making both light designs and scenographies." On top of this, he also likes to create other kinds of light objects, so that he doesn't have to use the same regular spot and profile all of the time. Sometimes he just needs to make something new. He describes himself as having a desire for this and likes to think of how he could do so. A machine comes in handy and makes effortless movements, but he doesn't find this exciting. He prefers to put a string on a profile and move it. He finds fun in 'bricolage.' His work has evolved from putting a string on a profile to now making machinery that plays with these qualities of light.