Geert Belpaeme

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Image inspired by the work of Wouter Van Vooren
Geert calls himself a performing artist and maker. He performs in others and his own work. He graduated from KASK in 2010, after which he was immediately offered a job as a teacher. Teaching at KASK gave him the opportunity to continue his search for what theater and performing meant. He started his own research within KASK about 5 years ago, which focused on his own pedagogical practice. He predominantly works with first-year students and tries to examine a very basic starting point of what it means to stand on a stage. Without any characters, text, or concepts. Just the space, the presence of a body being watched and watching.

He tries to show how meaning comes to exist when someone interacts with space, which can be as simple as a person just standing there. It already tells a story.

He has also worked with what language entails and tries not to go into spoken language.

Recently he observed a physical presence or element in his work which for him has a lot to do with clowning. Within his next performance, he wants to go deeper into this.