Apparitions / Henri Emmanuel Doublier

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I’d like to start with the topic of the light dramaturgie which is reflection and transparency.

The process started when I invited Diederik to come and work with me in Buda for three days on a pepper's ghost. I wanted to experiment that technique since a long time because I'm interested by old theatrical tricks. These visuals effects gave the idea to write the whole show, and finally, half of the show is with text, and half of the show is visual.

That’s why we started with designing a set which can permit strange and interesting visual immersions, to create an uncanny world where audience really feels in another world.

The set is composed with two pepper's ghost ans white curtains on rails, who can become full of colors and where impressions can be revealed by the light.

My light concept was very simple - compared to our complexe set design: old halogen lamps for all visuals effects, led in strong RGB in reflection for transparency for the curtains. Old lamps with their bright quality versus satured colored led.

We are all ghost in that piece, we are all dead and theaters are place where we can live again.

If we belong to magic.