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Knoblich & Quast, copyright Florian Krauss

Maika Knoblich (1986, DE), worked as an assistant to various directors at Maxim Gorki Theatre [1] and did her B.A. at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen [2], where she established a long time collaboration with fellow student Hendrik Quast. In 2010 she joined the Master program in DasArts[3], holding a directors scholarship from the DAAD [4]. Furthermore, Maika works as a light designer and dramaturge for various choreographers and directors, such as: Philippe Blanchard, Barbara Schmidt-Rohr [5], Olympia Bukkakis [6], Emmi-Lou Rößling [7], Billinger & Schulz [8], Karol Tyminski, SKART, Julian Weber [9] and Jeremy Wade [10]. She has been part of early Gangplank residencies which have largely informed her interest in lights and the exchange of skills and knowledge between different artistic practices.