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Gangplank meeting 2019 Tanzhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

Gangplank is a fluid network of artists, technicians, designers and theoreticians working in the field of performance, active since 2009. The project focuses on all the elements involved in stage work and how they relate, both on a conceptual and practical level. Gangplank organizes regular meetings and collective work sessions in venues in Europe over periods ranging between one and three weeks. The meetings are oriented along several axis: definition of collaboration, inter-media communication and relations between technology and art, programing of free software tools for live performance, knowledge transmission in a non-hierarchical and trans-disciplinary way, discussion of our practices and the related theoretical backgrounds, documentation and publication of the outcome of the meetings.

This wiki is dedicated to Gangplank, and more generally to making stage work through collaborative methods and sharing of knowledge, to trans-media and open source technical tools, to concepts, visions and opinions related to our respective practices and their interaction. It acts as a place to gather and put in relation concepts, methods and visions: an archive and a repository of our work(s) as well as a platform for future collaborations.

Articles here can be theoretical, conceptual, linked to specific projects, dedicated to tools and methods etc. The idea is to cross-reference all the notions at play and, by the structure of the site, to allow links, for instance from concept to concept, to persons, to pure data patches, to hardware etc., in all directions, thus offering a wide array of possibilities for the reader to navigate, as well as a genuine and accurate image of how we work.

Gangplank Wiki also hosts pages dedicated to Reflecting Light, a four years collective artistic research dedicated to lighting design, in the frame of KASK / School of Arts in Ghent (Belgium), in collaboration with Kunstencentrum Buda in Kortrijk (Belgium).